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Visit Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Breweries, Baseball, and Beyond: A Guide to Summer Fun in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, becomes a hive of activity as summer winds blow across town, celebrating the city’s diverse ethnic background and long history. Milwaukee is a great summer destination for various reasons, including its long history of producing world-class beer, lively nightlife, and penchant for outdoor pursuits. Let’s explore some of the city’s best summer attractions and activities.

Milwaukee’s Breweries: Exploring the City’s Foamy Scene

Milwaukee has a long history of producing beer, earning it the moniker “Beer Capital of the World;” today, the city’s craft brewery culture is thriving and fascinating visitors from all over the globe. A brewery tour in Milwaukee is necessary for any beer lover or traveler looking to try something new.

The historic Lakefront Brewery, the conventional Sprecher Brewery, and the forward-thinking Good City Brewing are three of the city’s most well-known brewers. Located on the Milwaukee River, Lakefront Brewery has won numerous awards for its beers, most notably the Riverwest Stein. The German-style brewing traditions and handcrafted sodas at the 1985-founded Sprecher Brewery. Located in the middle of the city, Good City Brewing offers various creative beers, including the highly sought-after IPA and Stout varieties.

Incredible Summertime Baseball Game

The Milwaukee Brewers play in American Family Field, a famous venue inside the city, and are participants of Major League Baseball’s Central Division. You ought not to be a baseball fan to experience a Brewers game; even if you are no longer, a fun day at the ballpark is what you seek out this summer.

There’s something for anybody at a Milwaukee Brewers game, whether or not it is the game’s thrill, the stadium’s atmosphere, or the scrumptious concessions. A day at the ballpark is the best instance of Milwaukee’s colorful culture, whether or not you are cheering for your favored team, consuming bratwurst, or consuming beer.

The Outdoors as a Child’s Playground

Milwaukee’s many parks and outdoor spaces, including the Milwaukee County Zoo and the nonviolent Boerner Botanic Gardens, offer welcome comfort from the city’s traumatic pace. It’s more fantastic than the 3 thousand population lions, tigers, and elephants. The Milwaukee County Zoo is one of the oldest withinside the United States. You’ll discover the tranquil Boerner Botanical Gardens on the outskirts of town.

Milwaukee’s parks and open regions are ideal for shopping far from the city, whether or not you need to hike, walk across the gardens, or lie down inside the sun. Why no longer get together with a few pals, make a picnic, and experience an afternoon in Milwaukee’s stunning outdoors?


To sum up, Milwaukee is a city that comes alive in the summer, with many fun things to do for residents and visitors. There’s something for everyone in Milwaukee this summer, from tours of local breweries to baseball games to outdoor adventures to learn about the city’s rich history. Why hold off? Plan your trip here immediately to take advantage of everything this amazing city offers.