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Visit Essex, Vermont

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Experience Small-Town Living at its Finest: A Weekend in Essex, Vermont

Want to experience small-town Vermont life at its best? Welcome to Essex, Vermont, a scenic destination with an exclusive blend of antiquity, culture, and nature. Found in the heart of New England, this charming town is renowned for its breathtaking vistas, thriving food scene, and captivating tales of the past.

Join us as we take you on a journey to uncover the must-see sights, peculiar locales to visit, and engrossing stories of Essex, Vermont. From the historical Ethan Allen Homestead to the infamous Essex Monster, we shall explore why Essex is a must-visit destination for all who desire to enjoy the enchantment of New England.

So, prepare your luggage, grab your camera, and gear up to commence an unforgettable adventure in the core of Vermont.

Top Attractions In Essex

Essex, Vermont, is a hidden jewel of New England, offering an abundance of historical and cultural attractions that are exemplary for all those seeking to scrutinize the splendor of this beguiling town. Whether you are a history buff, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply seeking a tranquil adventure, many must-see attractions in Essex will capture and stimulate your senses.

Ethan Allen Homestead

The Ethan Allen Homestead is one of the prime attractions in Essex, being the ancestral home of the American Revolutionary War icon Ethan Allen. This historic estate displays the affluent chronicles of Essex and the critical responsibility that Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys performed in the American Revolution. Travelers can take escorted homestead tours and contemplate its beautiful gardens and grounds.

Fort Ticonderoga

Another must-see sight in Essex is Fort Ticonderoga, a historic bastion pivotal in the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. Currently, tourists can scrutinize the fort’s exhibits and interactive displays, observe reenactments of battles and drills, and even partake in participatory activities such as musket drills and cannon firings.

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

For maritime history, the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is a must-visit destination in Essex. This captivating museum narrates the tale of Lake Champlain and the primary duty it performed in the region’s history. Tourists can scrutinize boatbuilding, fishing, and lake ecology displays and even indulge in a boat tour to explore the lake and its numerous historical sites.

Whether you are a history lover or simply seeking a pleasurable and informative outing, incorporate these must-visit destinations into your itinerary when visiting Essex, Vermont. With incredible sights to scrutinize and explore, you shall swiftly perceive why Essex is one of the finest secret spots in New England.

Quirky And Unexpected Attractions To Visit In Essex

If you’re looking for something slightly atypical to do when touring Essex, Vermont, luck is on your side! This charming town has quirky and peculiar attractions that will astonish and enchant you. Here are just a few unusual destinations you would want to take advantage of.

The Pogue

First up is The Pogue, a hidden jewel situated amidst the stunning forests of Essex. This serene and tranquil lake is ideal for a quiet stroll or a peaceful kayak ride. The surrounding vista is breathtaking, and you might even spot some indigenous fauna while basking in its ambiance.

The Essex Steam Train and Riverboat

Next, we have The Essex Steam Train and Riverboat, a distinctive and delightful attraction that has entertained visitors for over half a century. Embark aboard a historic steam train, followed by a scenic riverboat excursion down the Connecticut River. It’s a genuinely distinctive way to immerse yourself in the charm of Essex and its surrounding landscape.

Butler’s Maple Sugar House

Lastly, an expedition to Essex would only be complete with paying a visit to Butler’s Maple Sugar House, a quintessential local establishment crafting maple syrup and maple-derived products for over six decades. Tour the sugar house, witness the syrup-making process, and relish the delectable creations.

Thus, whether you yearn for a serene stroll in the woods, an excursion on a historic steam train, or the succulent flavors of locally-made maple syrup, Essex, Vermont, is sure to gratify your desires. These offbeat attractions are merely a fraction of the numerous reasons that make Essex a genuinely matchless and unforgettable travel destination.

Interesting Stories And Historical Landmarks To Explore In Essex

Essex, Vermont, is rich in history, with a fascinating past eagerly yearning to be discovered. From the times of the American Revolution to the commencement of the colonial era, this town has been instrumental in sculpting the region’s past. Here are some interesting stories and historical landmarks you can delve into during your stay.

Role of Essex in the American Revolution

At the top of the itinerary is Essex’s role in the American Revolution. As a strategic location on the route connecting Canada and the American colonies, Essex witnessed numerous crucial battles during the conflict. Today, travelers can immerse themselves in the rich historical narrative and discover the countless monuments and heritage sites that pay tribute to this significant period in American history.

Essex’s Early Colonial Settlement

Another intriguing aspect of Essex’s past is its colonial settlement during the early 1700s. The town was established as a part of the New Hampshire Grants, an area of dispute between New Hampshire and New York. Despite the formidable obstacles, the settlers of Essex overcome the hurdles. They succeeded in constructing a flourishing community that has persisted until now.

Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys

Finally, a discussion of Essex’s history would only be complete by mentioning Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, who were pivotal in establishing Vermont and vital players in the American Revolution. Visitors can take in the various sites of historical sites that honor their illustrious legacies, such as the Ethan Allen Homestead and the sprawling Green Mountain National Forest.

Whether you’re an enthusiast of historical events or just seeking to unravel the captivating tales and personalities that have influenced this town, Essex, Vermont, offers an abundance of exciting narratives and remarkable legacies for you to uncover.

Mysterious Stories and Interesting facts of Essex

While exploring the town of Essex, Vermont, you might encounter some beguiling narratives of mysterious beasts and lost treasures. Below are some of the most captivating stories and interesting facts to pique your fancy.

The Legend Of The Essex Monster

One of the most famous mysteries of Essex is the legend of the Essex Monster. Per local folklore, this marine monster dwells in the depths of Lake Champlain, occasionally emerging to startle residents and tourists alike. Despite numerous alleged sightings over time, this is the first time anyone has conclusively proven the behemoth’s existence.

The Ghost Of Captain Cooley

Another tale that has captivated the attention of those visiting Essex is the ghost of Captain Cooley. According to the legend, Captain Cooley was a seafarer who passed away in a shipwreck off the coast of Essex in the early 1800s. Ever since, his ghost has haunted the nearby shores, materializing as a luminous figure or a wisp of cloud.

Stories Of Hidden Treasures And Lost Artifacts

But, it’s not only eerie accounts that lend Essex its allure. The town is also rife with stories of hidden treasures and lost artifacts, including the buried treasure of Champlain. As per legend, the renowned explorer, Samuel de Champlain, hid a trove of riches somewhere in the area during his numerous expeditions. Although many have endeavored to find the treasure, it has yet to be discovered.

Whether you believe in these stories or not, these stories imbue an extra level of fascination and enigma to the already captivating Essex, Vermont. Thus, if you’re seeking some adventure and thrill during your travel, remain vigilant for traces of the Essex Monster, the ghost of Captain Cooley, or any other enigmatic tales that may come your way.

Food and Drink Scene in Essex

When it comes to food and drink, Vermont offers a plethora of options. When visiting Essex, sample some local culinary delicacies and beverages that have made the state renowned.

Maple Syrup

First on the list is maple syrup, a prime culinary offering from Vermont. Vermont accounts for over 40% of the country’s maple syrup production. Essex is an excellent place to procure locally-made, premium-quality syrup. Touring the numerous sugarhouses in the region will educate you on the art of syrup-making and provide an opportunity to relish the mouthwatering finished product. Maple syrup is a versatile ingredient for top pancakes, waffles, glaze meats, and vegetables.

Craft Beer And Cider

Suppose you’re a beer or cider lover. In that case, you’re in luck, as Vermont boasts a flourishing thriving beer and cider industry, with numerous small breweries and cideries throughout the state. Essex, in particular, offers many local options, such as the Fiddlehead Brewing Company and Boyden Valley Winery & Spirits. Many of these venues provide tastings and guided tours, providing an opportunity to learn about the intricate art of brewing and distilling while indulging in delectable beverages.

Fresh, Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Finally, one of the most outstanding qualities of Vermont’s gastronomy is its focus on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The town and its neighboring area boast numerous farms and markets where visitors can discover an array of seasonal produce, dairy products, and meats. Whether planning to prepare a meal at your vacation rental or seeking a farm-to-table restaurant, plenty of delicious options are available that feature locally-sourced ingredients.

So, when you visit Essex, savor the flavors of the locality’s unique and delectable culinary offerings, such as the locally-produced maple syrup, craft beer and cider, and farm-to-table ingredients, that are renowned for their exceptional quality and freshness.

Notable Figures of Essex

Essex, Vermont, is renowned not only for its natural beauty but also for its historical significance. Notable personalities have originated from this district and have played essential roles in shaping American history.

Ethan Allen 

Ethan Allen was a crucial figure in the founding of Vermont and played a significant role in the American Revolution. 

Chester Alan Arthur

Chester Alan Arthur was a US President and a resident of the town. 

Grace Coolidge

Grace Coolidge was the wife of President Calvin Coolidge and spent her childhood in Essex.

Essex, Vermont, boasts a remarkable history that has distinguished personalities. To learn of the lives and contributions of Ethan Allen, Chester Alan Arthur, and Grace Coolidge would be a singular way to glimpse into the fascinating past of this region. If you are planning a trip to Essex, take the chance to discover the accounts of these significant figures and the magnitude of their influence on the nation.

Accommodations And Travel Tips To Essex

Suppose you’re planning a visit to Essex, Vermont, and searching for recommendations for lodgings and activities. In that case, you need not explore any further! Below is a guide offering advice on accommodations and travel pointers that will aid you in maximizing your stay.


Essex presents a variety of lodging options to fit different budgets and preferences. A hotel would be great if you yearn for a refined ambiance. The opulent Essex Resort and Spa, and other well-known hotels, such as the Essex House and Suites and the Inn at Essex, are at your disposal. For a distinctive experience, try one of the numerous nearby bed and breakfasts, like the Lang House on Main Street or the Inn at Shelburne Farms, which come highly commended.

Getting Around

Navigating through Essex and its surroundings is relatively simple since it is a small town. While it is recommended that visitors have a car to explore the area, alternative options exist, including public transportation via buses and shuttles and Green Mountain Transit Authority’s routes throughout the state. For those who seek a picturesque mode of transportation, cycling around the countryside or renting a kayak to explore Lake Champlain is a charming option.

Planning Your Trip

Essex offers attractions throughout the year, though the ideal time to visit depends on your preferences. If you desire to immerse yourself in the outdoors, the summer and fall seasons are recommended. These periods are perfect for hiking, water sports, and cycling. If winter sports pique your interest, plan to visit during the colder months, when skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing abound. Alternatively, if cultural events are more your thing, consider a visit during the warmer months to experience festivities such as the Champlain Valley Fair and the Vermont Maple Festival.

Conclusively, Essex, Vermont, presents a beautiful and exceptional spot for travel with numerous lodgings and attractions compatible with various budgetary and interest levels. Arrange your visit now to savor all this delightful town has to present.


Essex, Vermont, provides an exceptionally distinctive and captivating excursion. With its fascinating history and extraordinary landmarks, there are incredible sights and activities. Whether your interests lie in discovering the area’s stunning natural scenery or uncovering its remarkable individuals and legacy, Essex is an alluring destination for all.

Essex also presents various options to captivate visitors, including gems like the Ethan Allen Homestead, Fort Ticonderoga, and Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, alongside extraordinary venues such as The Pogue, The Essex Steam Train and Riverboat, and Butler’s Maple Sugar House. On the other hand, foodies will relish the opportunity to sample Vermont cuisines, such as maple syrup and craft beers and ciders, distinctively.

Moreover, Essex hosts several well-known people of historical repute, notably American Revolutionary War hero and statesman Ethan Allen, Chester Alan Arthur, the 21st President of the United States, and First Lady of the United States Grace Coolidge.

And for those planning a trip to Essex, Essex presents various lodging possibilities, ranging from grand hotels to snug bed-and-breakfast establishments and holiday homes. Transportation is readily available via picturesque drives and public transit, while visitors can indulge in seasonal festivities and pursuits.

To summarize, visiting Essex, Vermont, offers a distinctive and comprehensive experience in history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether traveling alone, with friends, or with family, there is something for everyone in Essex. We encourage you to plan a visit to this charming and captivating location and take the opportunity to discover everything it has to offer.