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Round Rock, Texas

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From Baseball to Barbecue: Experiencing the Best of Round Rock, Texas

Are you looking for a new and exciting travel destination that promises a rich history, unique attractions, and plenty of fun? Seek no further than Round Rock, Texas! This delightful metropolis, located just a short drive from Austin, proposes a wealth of explorations and recollections waiting to be discovered by voyagers.

Embark on an all-encompassing expedition with us as we unveil the obscure jewels of Round Rock, and aid you in making the most of your visit. From the preeminent landmarks and attractions to the top-notch native restaurants and prominent figures, we have got you covered. So gear up, grab your camera, and brace yourself for an escapade beyond compare to Round Rock, Texas!

Best of Round Rock’s Outlets to Baseball Stadiums

Round Rock, Texas is a city brimming with captivating and exhilarating attractions. Whether you’re a fan of shopping, sports, or historical exploits, this picturesque urban setting offers an abundance of enticements. Take a look at the most famous landmarks and attractions that must not be missed during your visit to Round Rock:

Round Rock Premium Outlets

The Round Rock Premium Outlets is a paradise for avid shoppers. With over 130 stores, you can discover a plethora of items ranging from designer brands to popular chain stores at unbeatable prices. This open-air shopping destination provides an excellent opportunity to snag a bargain and relish respite from the sweltering heat of Texas.

Dell Diamond

For those with interest in sports, a visit to the Dell Diamond is a must. Serving as the home to the Round Rock Express, this minor league baseball stadium is a favored destination for both locals and tourists. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or seeking a day of entertainment, the Dell Diamond is an excellent venue to savor the excitement of America’s beloved pastime.

Chisholm Trail Crossing Park

The Chisholm Trail Crossing Park is an homage to the renowned Chisholm Trail, a route utilized to drive cattle from Texas to Kansas during the latter part of the 19th century. This park showcases a commemorative plaque, hands-on displays, and a picturesque footpath that provides guests with a window into history.

Hidden Gems of Round Rock | Uncommon Attractions

Round Rock, Texas is a city full of esoteric treasures waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking for a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience, then you cannot afford to overlook uncommon places to visit.

Round Rock Historical Society

The Round Rock Historical Society offers a wealthy of information regarding the opulent history of the city. Here, visitors can delve into the details of the Chisholm Trail, the pioneers who established the city, and the evolution of Round Rock. Featuring historical relics and interactive displays, the Round Rock Historical Society is a destination not to be missed by those who appreciate the city’s past.

Brushy Creek Lake Park

The Brushy Creek Lake Park is a peaceful oasis in the heart of Round Rock. It’s a serene retreat where one can immerse oneself in nature’s wonders, replete with trails for hiking, docks for fishing, and picnic spots for indulging in culinary delights. Come here to experience the tranquility of a lush landscape that provides an escape from the frenzy of urban living.

Round Rock Arts

The Round Rock Arts is a cultural hub that celebrates various art forms. With exhibitions showcasing visual and performing arts, this institution offers a range of events and programs that are bound to both captivate and stimulate its audience.

Round Rock Public Library

The Round Rock Public Library is place that provides more than just a literature-lending service. Offering an array of workshops, events, and resources, the library serves as an epicenter of learning, ingenuity, and society. Whether one desires a serene spot for reading or seeks to engage in various educational activities, the Round Rock Public Library is an ideal location to discover.

Travel Back in Time with Round Rock’s Fascinating History

Round Rock, Texas is a city steeped in a rich and enthralling history that dates back centuries. From the Chisholm Trail to the early settlers, there’s an abundance of knowledge and exploration to explore in this captivating city.

The History of the Chisholm Trail

The annals of Round Rock are entwined with the narrative of the Chisholm Trail, which was a significant artery for driving cattle from Texas to Kansas during the late 1800s. This route played a pivotal role in the city’s evolution. Presently, visitors can journey to the Chisholm Trail Crossing Park to uncover the tale of this momentous epoch in Texas history.

The History of Round Rock

The historical narrative of Round Rock and its surrounding areas is an enthralling one, replete with captivating tales of the pioneers who founded the city and the evolution of Round Rock into a modern metropolis. The stories of the men and women who have contributed to the city’s growth and development over time are sure to pique one’s interest and ignite a passion for exploring the past.

Most Interesting Stories and Fun Facts about Round Rock 

Some of the most interesting stories and fun facts about Round Rock include:

The Legend of Sam Bass

Discover the captivating story of the notorious outlaw whose daring heists and train robberies in the late 1800s made him a legend. Born in Indiana in 1851, Sam Bass moved to Texas in his late teens and quickly fell in love with the wild, lawless frontier. Experience the history and excitement of Round Rock as you learn about the infamous Sam Bass and his infamous exploits.

The Story of Round Rock’s Famous Round Rock

This massive limestone boulder, which served as a vital landmark for cattle drivers traveling along the Chisholm Trail in the late 1800s, has become an enduring symbol of Round Rock’s frontier past. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life and immerse yourself in the city’s rich heritage by visiting this iconic piece of history.

Mysteries of Round Rock

Round Rock, Texas is a city that boasts rich and captivating history, yet it is also shrouded with mysterious and unexplained events. From strange sightings to unexplained phenomena, there are plenty of stories that have been passed down from one generation to the next, leaving travelers with questions.

Lady of the Lake

The mysterious tale of the Lady of the Lake is a perplexing mystery that has intrigued locals and visitors alike. As the story goes, a specter can be witnessed wandering the banks of Brushy Creek Lake under the cloak of darkness. It’s said that the apparition may be the spirit of a young woman who perished in the lake, while others speculate that it’s a Native American ghost who still lingers in the area. The story’s ambiguity has captivated the imagination of those who seek to unravel its enigma.

Spook Lights

In Round Rock, another inexplicable phenomena is the “spook lights,” which have captivated locals and visitors for years.

Flavors of Round Rock

Round Rock is a culinary haven, where visitors can indulge in an array of mouth-watering delights. The city boasts an impressive variety of delicious food options, ranging from classic Texan dishes to innovative culinary creations. Whether you’re in the mood for succulent barbecue, delectable Tex-Mex, or gourmet burgers, Round Rock is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Salt Traders Coastal Cooking

Salt Traders Coastal Cooking is a preeminent gastronomic destination in Round Rock. With its unique blend of coastal cuisine infused with a Texan flavor, this restaurant is a top pick for food lovers. Indulge in mouth-watering dishes such as shrimp and grits, oysters, and fish tacos, all crafted to perfection by the talented chefs.

Smitty’s Market

No visit to Round Rock, Texas is complete without a stop at Smitty’s Market, a legendary barbecue joint that has been dishing out finger-licking goodness for over a century. With a menu that features all the classic cuts of meat and sides, Smitty’s is the perfect place to savor the flavors of Texas barbecue.

Flagship Restaurant & Brewery

If you’re looking for a distinctive culinary adventure, make your way to the Flagship Restaurant & Brewery in Round Rock. This establishment is a one-of-a-kind combination of a brewery and restaurant that provides not only delectable dishes but also offers some of the finest artisanal beers in the region.

These dining establishments and their acclaimed culinary creations are just a fraction of the manifold eateries and delectable fare accessible in Round Rock.

Famous Faces of Round Rock

Round Rock is a city rich in heritage, wonders, and gastronomy, but it has also bred some remarkable personalities.

Former Major League Baseball player, Michael Young

One of the most renowned personalities associated with Round Rock is the former Major League Baseball player, Michael Young. Young, who was born in Covina, California, but raised in Round Rock and graduated from Round Rock High School, went on to have a prosperous career in Major League Baseball, representing teams such as the Texas Rangers and Philadelphia Phillies.

Filmmaker, Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez is a celebrated figure hailing from Round Rock. Although born in San Antonio, Texas, he spent his formative years in Round Rock. Best known for his remarkable contributions to the film industry, Rodriguez has directed several hit films such as “Spy Kids,” “Sin City,” and “Alita: Battle Angel.”

These are merely some of the renowned individuals who have ancestral connections to Round Rock. The city boasts a storied past and has generated numerous noteworthy personalities who have exerted a substantial influence on the locale. As such, when you pay a visit to Round Rock, do not forget to commemorate and recognize these distinguished personages of the city.

Ultimate Guide to Staying and Exploring Round Rock, Texas

So, you’ve decided to visit Round Rock, Texas, but where should you stay and how do you get around?


When it comes to accommodation, Round Rock has a wide variety of options for every budget and taste. From intimate bed and breakfasts to contemporary hotels, the city provides a vast array of accommodations. Opt for one of the many hotels situated close to the Round Rock Premium Outlets for an economical stay. Alternatively, those seeking lavishness can indulge in several upmarket hotels and resorts located throughout the area.

Getting Around

Navigating Round Rock is a breeze with a diverse selection of transportation alternatives at your disposal. If you have access to a vehicle, driving is the most expedient way of transportation, enabling you to promptly reach various landmarks in the city. Nevertheless, if you don’t have access to a car, there are ample alternative methods available, including public transportation, taxi services, and ride-sharing platforms.

Travel Tips

Here are a few tips for making the most of your visit to Round Rock:

Plan your itinerary in advance. It’s advisable to plan your schedule beforehand as Round Rock has an abundance of places to visit and activities to do. This way, you can ensure that you don’t overlook any significant opportunities.

Take advantage of free attractions. In Round Rock, numerous complimentary sights await your exploration, such as the Round Rock Public Library, the Round Rock Arts, and the Chisholm Trail Crossing Park.

Try the local cuisine. Round Rock boasts an array of splendid local eateries and gastronomy. Ensure you sample some of the city’s delectable signature dishes, such as smoky barbecue, Tex-Mex delicacies, and classic Southern comfort food.

With these tips in mind, your visit to Round Rock, Texas, is sure to be a memorable one!


Round Rock, Texas presents a distinctive blend of historical, adventurous, and relaxing activities. Indulge in the thrill of shopping at the Round Rock Premium Outlets or catching a game at the Dell Diamond; you won’t run out of opportunities to enjoy this alluring city. The Round Rock Historical Society and Round Rock Arts are also worth exploring for those seeking cultural enrichment, as they showcase the city’s rich history through artifacts and art pieces.

Round Rock’s dining scene is a haven for food enthusiasts, where you can savor some of the best Texan dishes, especially barbecue, Tex-Mex, and Southern comfort food.

The city provides ample options for accommodation and transportation, making it convenient to navigate and relax in between activities.

So, you’re looking for an exciting, edifying, and flavorful escapade, make Round Rock, Texas your destination. Prepare your luggage, gather your loved ones, and make your way to Round Rock for an unforgettable journey!