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Visit Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania: A Smorgasbord of Opportunities for the Discernible Traveler

With its rich heritage, stunning natural vistas, and diverse cultural offerings, Pennsylvania is a true polymath when it comes to holiday destinations. Whether you’re a history buff, outdoor enthusiast, or culture vulture, this northeastern state has something for everyone, including those with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a love of fresh air, or an appreciation for the finer things in life.

A Lamp of Liberty: Exploring Pennsylvania’s Part in the Formation of the Land of the Free

For those with an interest in history, Pennsylvania is a veritable hoard of riches. From the hallowed halls of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where our founding fathers penned the Declaration of Independence, to the sombre memorials of Gettysburg National Military Park, which commemorate the American Civil War, the state is steeped in the events that forged the country we know and love today. And, of course, there’s always the iconic Liberty Bell, which serves as a symbol of American independence and freedom.

Where the Great Outdoors Meets a Spot of Adventure

For those who prefer a more invigorating holiday, Pennsylvania is a veritable adventure playground. The Poconos provide ample opportunities for hiking, skiing, and fishing, while the Allegheny Mountains beckon the more daring with their rugged beauty and ample opportunities for camping and fishing.

A Cultural Melange: Uncovering the Diversity of Pennsylvania’s Arts and Culture Scene

But Pennsylvania is not just about history and nature; it’s also a cauldron of cultures. From world-renowned museums and art galleries, to bustling farmers’ markets and craft fairs, there’s never a dull moment. Take a leisurely stroll through Reading Terminal Market, catch a show at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, or simply soak up the atmosphere of the many festivals that take place throughout the year. With so much to see and do, you’ll be as dizzy as a spinning dervish!

A Trip to the Heart of Simplicity: Discovering Amish Country

Step into the charming world of Pennsylvania’s Amish Country and bask in the serenity of its rolling hills, dotted with horse-drawn carriages and picturesque farmhouses. Savour the tastes of a bygone era with a bounty of traditional foods and crafts, available in the local markets and shops.

A Culinary Odyssey through the Keystone State

Feast your way through Pennsylvania on a quest for the tastiest treats. The famous cheesesteaks of Philadelphia are a must-try, but don’t stop there. The Dutch Country has a wealth of cuisine to offer, from comforting chicken pot pies to delectable soft pretzels. Wash it all down with a sip of the state’s rising wine and craft beer industries.

The City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia

Philadelphia, the Keystone State’s largest city, is a potpourri of history and modern culture. No visit would be complete without a taste of its famous cheesesteaks, but the city has plenty more to offer, with museums such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and a plethora of historical landmarks.

The Steel City – Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, the industrial powerhouse of Pennsylvania, has more to offer than just its steel heritage. With a thriving cultural scene, a host of museums and world-class sports teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates, it’s a city that truly has something for everyone. So, whether you’re catching a game or exploring the cultural offerings, Pittsburgh is a city not to be missed.

Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings

For those with a serious sweet tooth, Hershey’s Chocolate Factory and Hersheypark are a dream come true. At Hershey’s Chocolate World, visitors can indulge their senses on a complimentary tour of the factory and learn about the rich history of the famous Hershey’s chocolate. You can even personalise your own chocolate bar! Meanwhile, Hersheypark provides a host of attractions and rides to keep everyone entertained.

A Crowning Glory of Organic Design

Architecture enthusiasts must pay homage to the masterpiece that is Fallingwater, the legendary design by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This iconic building, which perches gracefully above a waterfall, offers tours and provides a fascinating glimpse into Wright’s concept of “organic architecture”.

A Garden of Eden

For those who revel in the beauty of nature, Longwood Gardens is a veritable Eden. Spanning over 1,000 acres, this breathtaking garden boasts a diverse range of fountains and outdoor displays. The Main Fountain Garden, in particular, is a showstopper with its musical water displays. The conservatory is not to be missed either, featuring a breathtaking collection of plants including bonsai, orchids, and tropical species.

A Nostalgic Trip Through Time

Lastly, the Strasburg Rail Road provides a unique and nostalgic experience for all. As one of the oldest operating railroads in the world, this heritage railway takes passengers on a trip down memory lane through the picturesque Amish farmlands of Lancaster County via a historic steam train. With special events and themed excursions available throughout the year, it’s an adventure not to be missed.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a holiday that packs a punch, look no further than good old Pennsylvania! This charming state has got something for everyone, from history buffs to nature enthusiasts and culture vultures alike. Whether you’re in the mood for a bit of sightseeing or a good old-fashioned laugh, Pennsylvania is the place to be.