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Visit Seaside, Oregon

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Discover the Charm of Seaside, Oregon: A Travel Guide for Adventure Seekers and Relaxation Lovers

Perched upon the magnificent Pacific coastline, Seaside, Oregon is a minuscule hamlet that boasts an abundance of awe-inspiring panoramas, invigorating outdoor exploits, and a profuse heritage. From its charming beaches and parks to its one-of-a-kind shopping and dining experiences, Seaside proffers something for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re a daredevil seeking adrenaline-fueled escapades or yearning for a tranquil retreat, Seaside, Oregon is guaranteed to bewitch and mesmerize you.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the profundities of Seaside and examine its imperative tourist destinations, electrifying alfresco activities, abundant history, and intriguing tales. We’ll also furnish you with insights on the optimal times to visit, lodgings, and how to traverse this charming town. So, gather your belongings and prepare for a voyage brimming with excitement, serenity, and unforgettable memories!

Must-See Attractions in Seaside, Oregon

Whether you’re a beach-goer, nature lover, or simply looking for a fun, family-friendly experience, Seaside, Oregon has something for everyone. So, make sure to add these must-see attractions to your itinerary and discover all that this charming coastal town has to offer.

Seaside Beach and Promenade

The soul of Seaside resides in its ebullient strand and boardwalk, a concatenation of sand and saltwater that stretches for two miles, ideal for strolling, frolic, and basking in the luminosity of the sun. From the recognizable terminus at the conclusion of the boardwalk to the seashore itself, you’ll encounter an abundance of chances to revel in the zephyrs of the ocean and bask in the breathtaking vistas.

Ecola State Park and Tillamook Head

For the intrepid and the nature-inclined, a pilgrimage to Ecola State Park and Tillamook Head is imperative. These vistas, a mere few miles from Seaside’s shoreline, present breathtaking panoramas of the Pacific and opportunities to hike, picnic, and witness the majesty of whale migration. With extensive paths that traverse verdant woods and rugged cliffs, Ecola State Park and Tillamook Head provide solace and serenity to all who cherish the great outdoors.

Seaside Aquarium

For the historical aficionados, the Lewis and Clark Salt Works and Seaside Historical Society and Museum offer a glimpse into the rich history of the area. At the Salt Works, visitors can learn about the expedition of Lewis and Clark and their encounters with the local Chinook tribe, while the Seaside Historical Society and Museum showcases the town’s evolution from a small fishing village to a popular tourist destination. With its captivating stories and artifacts, these attractions provide a deeper appreciation and understanding of the region’s past.

Outdoor Activities in Seaside, Oregon

With its abundance of outdoor activities and events, Seaside, Oregon is the perfect destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers. So, pack your gear and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Surfing, Fishing, and Whale Watching

For thrill-seekers, Seaside, Oregon is a veritable El Dorado. Its beaches boast some of the most sought-after surf spots along the Pacific seaboard, with local schools that rent boards and offer instruction. Angling, both in salt and fresh waters, is a favorite pastime, and whale watching excursions, operated by various tour companies, allow one to catch a glimpse of these magnificent aquatic mammals in their natural habitat.

Hiking and Biking Trails

For the more introspective outdoor enthusiast, Seaside boasts a wealth of scenic hiking and cycling paths, affording breathtaking vistas of the Pacific and its picturesque surroundings. Regardless of whether you’re an accomplished trekker or an occasional pedaler, the town offers a trail that aligns with your abilities and proclivities. Here are some of the most popular trails in the area:

Necanicum Estuary Trail

An extended 1.8-mile pathway that follows the winding course of the Necanicum River estuary, affording picturesque vistas of the verdant marshes and the teeming fauna.

Tillamook Head Trail

A meandering 6.5-mile path that originates in Seaside and navigates through the ancient growth woodland, presenting alluring panoramas of the boundless ocean and the surrounding terrain.

The Promenade

An elegant 1.5-mile macadamized walkway that stretches along the Seaside seashore, presenting impressive vistas of the boundless ocean, sandy beach, and the adjacent lofty mountains.

Fort Stevens State Park

This wilderness park furnishes multiple routes for rambling and cycling, which comprise the lengthy 9-mile Fort Stevens Bicycle Trail, and the 6-mile Coffenbury Lake Path.

Ecola State Park

This primeval parkland provides several routes for trekking and cycling, which encompass the winding 2.5-mile Clatsop Loop Path and the 1.5-mile Crescent Beach Way.

Local Events

If summer is the time of your visit to Seaside, then be certain to partake in the town’s indigenous happenings. One of the most sought-after events is the Seaside Sandcastle Competition, where contestants devise grandiose sand structures on the shore. With melodious tunes, sustenance, and an array of entertaining pastimes for the entire family, the Seaside Sandcastle Competition is a non-negotiable spectacle for any traveler in the region. Here are some of the local events that one should experience:

Spring Unveiling Arts Festival

A triad of days toward the end of April that showcases galleries, artist demonstrations, and receptions.

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk

An affair that transpires every primary Saturday of the month, exhibiting local and regional artists alongside live music.

Hood to Coast Relay

A world-renowned relay race that involves running, initiating from Mount Hood and culminating on the beach in Seaside. The event usually transpires during late August.

Seaside Wheels and Waves Car Show

A classic car show that unfolds in June and highlights automobiles from across the Pacific Northwest.

Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament

A yearly beach volleyball tournament that arises in August and attracts teams from across the country.

Seaside Sashay

A community fundraiser walk that bolsters local charities and non-profits. The event occurs in September.

Seaside Jazz Festival

A customary festival that occurs in February, accentuating conventional jazz and swing music.

Unique Places to Visit in Seaside, Oregon

Funland Arcade

For a dose of old-fashioned fun, seek not further than the Funland Arcade in Seaside. With its vintage games, nostalgic ambiance, and amiable personnel, Funland Arcade is a paramount destination for anyone who harbors a fondness for classic gaming establishments. Regardless if you’re a veteran player or a freshman to the arcade arena, Funland Arcade is guaranteed to provide a delightful and engrossing adventure.

Seaside Downtown Farmers Market

For a one-of-a-kind shopping escapade, you must visit the Seaside Downtown Farmer’s Market. Amidst its friendly ambiance, you will discover a diverse array of local purveyors vending everything from delectable baked treats and freshly harvested crops to handcrafted wares and apparel. Spending a Saturday morning or afternoon at the Seaside Downtown Farmer’s Market is an ideal way to relish the local scene.

Surrounding areas such as Cannon Beach and Oswald West State Park

While Seaside is a magnificent destination, one must not overlook the adjacent vicinities. With a brief excursion, you can stumble upon Cannon Beach, a breathtaking coastal town in the Pacific Northwest, renowned for its beauty. For a deeper exploration of the region’s natural splendor, visit Oswald West State Park, where you can embark on miles of hikes, admire breathtaking ocean views, and behold some of the region’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Rich History and Fascinating Stories in Seaside, Oregon

With its rich history, fascinating stories, and fascinating legends, Seaside, Oregon is a treasure trove of information and intrigue. So, make sure to include a visit to the Lewis and Clark Salt Works, the Seaside Historical Society and Museum, and the mysterious stories of the area in your itinerary and discover all that this incredible town has to offer.

The Lewis and Clark Salt Works

Astonishingly, Seaside, Oregon played a pivotal role as a halcyon haven for Lewis and Clark during their sojourn along the Pacific coast. The Lewis and Clark Salt Works, situated just beyond the town’s bounds, is an intriguing locale that narrates the story of this seminal juncture in American annals. At this site, travelers can behold the vestiges of the salt pans where the expedition party procured salt to conserve their provisions and expand their understanding of this remarkable episode in American lore.

Seaside Historical Society and Museum

For a comprehensive exploration into Seaside’s storied past, a pilgrimage to the Seaside Historical Society and Museum is imperative. Within its walls lies a plethora of information about the town’s historical events, including its evolution from a logging town to a sought-after vacation destination, and its significance in American annals. With hands-on exhibits, authentic relics, and well-informed guides, the Seaside Historical Society and Museum serves as an indispensable destination for the historically curious.

Mysterious Stories and Legends of the Area

For those intrigued by tales of the peculiar and paranormal, Seaside abounds with cryptic narratives and phantom legends. From haunted lodgings that host ghostly manifestations to unexplained vanishings on the sandy shores, the town is teeming with eerie yarns to keep you spellbound. Whether you relish the study of history, savor mysteries, or simply crave an intriguing tale, Seaside offers a treasure trove of marvels to appease any curious mind.

Delicious Dining and Shopping in Seaside, Oregon

Seafood restaurants in Seaside

In the gastronomical haven of Seaside, the succulent seafood is the star attraction. This charming coastal community boasts a cornucopia of seafood eateries, ranging from informal cafes to elegant dining establishments, that cater to a range of palates and financial circumstances. Do not miss the opportunity to partake in the local delicacy of Dungeness crab and freshly harvested salmon, along with other mouth-watering seafood offerings available in Seaside.

Bell Buoy of Seaside

A piscatorial market and delicatessen that provides freshly-caught seafood, such as Dungeness crab, fish and chips, and chowder.

Dooger’s Seafood and Grill

An unpretentious and amicable restaurant that provides a diverse selection of seafood meals, such as clam chowder, fish and chips, and shrimp scampi.

Norma’s Seafood & Steak

An eatery that proffers fresh seafood, for example, crab cakes, oysters, and prawns, in addition to steak and pasta courses.

Angelina’s Pizzeria and Café

A coffeehouse that produces wood-fired pizza, salads, and pasta, along with a choice of seafood cuisine, such as clam chowder and shrimp scampi.

The Irish Table

A public house that presents classic Irish gastronomy, encompassing seafood meals like fish and chips and smoked salmon, as well as an assortment of Irish brews.

Twisted Fish Steakhouse

An eatery that provides a broad range of seafood and steak courses, featuring crab cakes, clam chowder, and grilled salmon.

Maggie’s on the Prom

A haute cuisine restaurant that presents fresh seafood, such as Dungeness crab, salmon, and scallops, in addition to steak and pasta dishes.

Pacific Way Bakery and Café

A cafe that specializes in freshly baked goods, sandwiches, and salads, while also featuring a variety of seafood offerings such as clam chowder and crab cakes.

Unique boutiques and shopping options

For the shopaholic, Seaside boasts an abundance of exclusive retail establishments and eclectic shopping opportunities. Regardless of your preferences for hand-made knick-knacks, regional trinkets or a whimsical shopping experience, the town presents a plethora of alternatives. From quaint memento stores to masterful bazaars, there is sure to be a one-of-a-kind keepsake waiting to be discovered.

Food that travelers must try when in Seaside

Aside from its delectable seafood, Seaside proffers a cornucopia of other mouthwatering victuals that wayfarers ought to sample during their sojourn. Certain de rigueur comestibles comprise the lauded Clam Chowder, the eminent Seaside Salt Water Taffy, and the regional delicacy, Mocha Madness, a luscious and chocolatey confection that is just the ticket for assuaging one’s sweet cravings.

Well-Known People and Connections in Seaside, Oregon

Notable residents or visitors to Seaside

Throughout the years, Seaside has harbored myriad celebrated denizens and tourists. From savants and litterateurs to magnates and statesmen, this seaside township has enticed a heterogeneous cohort of individuals who have contributed to shaping its opulent chronicles and lively ethos.

Famous people or celebrities associated with Seaside

Seaside has also garnered acclaim as a frequented hotspot for celebrities. From silver-screen luminaries to melodic virtuosos, a plethora of illustrious personages have flocked to this captivating shoreline municipality to revel in its resplendent vistas, scrumptious cuisine, and diverting amenities. Among the most notable celebrities who have traversed Seaside are thespian Tom Hanks, who shot some sequences for his film “Saving Mr. Banks” in the region, and minstrel Paul Simon, who has been reputed to sojourn in Seaside with his kin.

Accommodation and Travel Tips

Seaside hotels, motels, and vacation rentals

Accommodations in Seaside are aplenty, affording visitors the chance to bask in the lap of luxury while savoring the allure of this charming coastal town. Whether one’s fancy is a snug motel chamber, a lavish hotel suite, or a commodious holiday abode, Seaside proffers an array of options that cater to the preferences of all.

Best times to visit

The optimal occasion to explore Seaside, Oregon hinges on one’s predilections and inclinations. For those who yearn to frolic on its sun-drenched beaches, summertime is the most fitting season to make the trip. Conversely, if the desire is to delve into its panoramic hiking routes, then spring and autumn are the perfect seasons to embark on such an adventure. Regardless of when one visits, Seaside remains an enchanting destination that merits exploration throughout the year.

Travel tips for getting to and around Seaside

Traversing to and around Seaside, Oregon is effortless and hassle-free. Whether one opts for road travel, air travel, or public transit, a plethora of alternatives exist for navigating this seaside municipality. For those commuting via car, seizing the opportunity to revel in the picturesque highways and awe-inspiring coastal vistas is a must. Travelers embarking via air should note that the closest aerodrome is the Portland International Airport, which is roughly an hour’s drive from Seaside.


Seaside, Oregon is a vibrant and multifaceted place that suits a range of interests, featuring charming coastlines, outdoor escapades, illustrious heritage, exclusive shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Regardless of whether one is a lover of beaches, history or adventure, Seaside is all-inclusive, and its visitors can experience the Seaside Beach and Promenade, Ecola State Park, Tillamook Head, Seaside Aquarium, local events such as the Seaside Sandcastle Contest, Funland Arcade, Seaside Downtown Farmers Market, seafood restaurants, unique boutiques, and much more.

Seaside is a desired location that has lured several remarkable inhabitants, tourists, and celebrated individuals. With many hotels, motels, and vacation rentals, along with expedient travel tips for visiting and navigating Seaside, planning a trip is an effortless feat. In conclusion, Seaside, Oregon, is a captivating spot that enkindles a lasting impression upon all those who venture there and is an unmissable site for those who admire natural exquisiteness, exclusive experiences, and history.