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Visit Omaha, Nebraska

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Discover the Heart of America: A Guide to Visiting Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska, is a city of rich heritage and a kaleidoscopic cultural atmosphere. Its verdant parks, premier museums, and Midwest allure furnish a singular sojourn for travelers. Whether you’re a connoisseur of history, a culinary enthusiast, or an adventurer, Omaha is the ultimate destination.

The city of Omaha perches along the Missouri River and holds a storied and intriguing history. Since its inception in 1854, it has progressed from a modest trading outpost to a thriving urban center. Throughout its evolution, Omaha has served as a crossroads for pioneers headed west. It is now acknowledged for its commerce and innovation. Explorers can explore the city’s incredible history by visiting its historic landmarks, discovering its captivating tales, and learning about its indigenous American roots.

With its rare fusion of history, culture, and natural beauty, Omaha is a city that deserves to be seen. Visitors can uncover its iconic landmarks, secret hideaways, and exceptional dining experiences. So don’t hesitate to go to Omaha today and embark on a journey through the heart of the Heartland!

Omaha’s Famous Landmarks

Omaha, Nebraska, boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture, manifest in its distinguished landmarks. Whether you are a connoisseur of history, an art aficionado, or a curious wanderer, the city’s most renowned monuments will surely engrave an indelible mark upon your memory.

Old Market

The storied Old Market is one of Omaha’s most recognizable landmarks and a veritable portal to the city’s past. Dating back to the 19th century, this historic neighborhood boasts cobblestone streets, brick edifices, and a quaint touch of yesteryear with horse-drawn carriages. A visit to Old Market is a must for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in Omaha’s one-of-a-kind charisma. Currently, Old Market bustles with activity, hosting various retail establishments, eateries, and leisure venues.

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is a veritable wonderland of fauna and flora. It is renowned globally for its grand scale and cutting-edge attractions. Established in 1894, this zoo sprawls over a sprawling 130-acre expanse. It boasts a remarkable collection of species from across the animal kingdom. Visitors can delve into the African savannas and marvel at the big regal cats, into the underwater world and encounter a variety of marine life, or learn about the intricacies of various ecosystems through its interactive displays. This zoo is a mandatory visit for anyone touring Omaha, offering a feast for the senses that will leave an indelible impression.

Joslyn Art Museum

For connoisseurs of the fine arts, a pilgrimage to the Joslyn Art Museum is imperative. Established in 1931, this world-renowned institution houses over 20,000 works of art, including masterpieces by renowned artists. The museum’s grand galleries, advanced infrastructure, and architectural splendor make it a shining gem in the city, providing visitors with an immersive experience in art and culture.

City’s Must-see Attractions

In Omaha, Nebraska, visitors have many opportunities to bask in the city’s rich history, cultural landscape, and recreational activities. For those seeking to partake in Omaha’s various offerings, here is a list of must-visit attractions that embody the city’s essence.

Pioneer Courage Park

The Pioneer Courage Park is a homage to the intrepid pioneers who embarked on a journey to the west to pursue a more prosperous existence. This picturesque park, situated along the Missouri River, showcases monuments, sculptures, and interactive displays that narrate the tales of the pioneers’ bravery and fortitude. Whether you are a connoisseur of history or simply seeking a serene haven, Pioneer Courage Park is a destination to be noticed.

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge is a renowned architectural feat that adorns Omaha’s skyline. It provides spectacular vistas of the city and the Missouri River. This singular bridge, extending over a distance of more than a mile, is a favorite haunt of pedestrians, joggers, and cyclists and is an ideal place to savor the breathtaking views and relish moments of tranquility.

Lewis and Clark Landing

Lewis and Clark Landing, a vital destination for history enthusiasts, marks where the intrepid explorers and their expeditionary corps camped during their western sojourn. Now housing a museum and interactive displays, this Missouri River-side location recounts the tale of the pioneers and their magnificent journey.

Sports and Entertainment

Omaha revels in its passion for sports and entertainment, allowing revelers to indulge. The CenturyLink Center, with its versatile sporting events and musical gigs, and TD Ameritrade Park, the renowned College World Series abode, embody Omaha’s love for having a grand time.

Lesser-Known Places to Visit

Omaha, a hub of historical and cultural significance, provides a plethora of sights to behold for travelers. Despite its renowned tourist hotspots, such as the Old Market and the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, being essential viewing, the city is also dotted with obscure treasures worth discovering.

Local and Cultural Museums and Art Galleries

For those seeking an immersive cultural experience, Omaha’s diverse array of local museums and art galleries present a kaleidoscope of perspectives on the city’s rich heritage and artistry.

Joslyn Art Museum

The Joslyn Art Museum, a premier institution in the Midwestern region, boasts a rich assortment of artistic creations from many cultures and eras. The museum’s permanent assemblage encompasses American artworks spanning from the 19th to the 21st century, European masterpieces ranging from the Renaissance to the 20th century, and pieces from Africa, Asia, and indigenous cultures of the Americas.

The Durham Museum

The Durham Museum, a Smithsonian Associate situated within Omaha’s nostalgic Union Station, affords a peep into the city’s bygone era through its exhibitions on its rich heritage, culture, and architectural design. Subjects such as the Great Plains, the Continental Trans Railway, and the Gilded Era of Railway Travel are on display.

The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts serves as a haven for creatives from far and wide, offering a residency program to artists seeking the gift of time and space to produce new works of art. Beyond merely providing resources, the center actively involves the community through various exhibitions and public events, fostering a passion for the arts.

The Sheldon Museum of Art

The Sheldon Museum of Art, housed within the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, boasts a collection of modern and contemporary masterpieces by renowned artists such as Jackson Pollock, Richard Diebenkorn, and Ellsworth Kelly, as well as works by locally and regionally established creators.

The Great Plains Art Museum

The Great Plains Art Museum, situated at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, presents an array of artwork reflecting the heritage and culture of the Great Plains region. The museum boasts masterpieces from renowned artists like Charles Russell, N.C. Wyeth, Grant Wood, and contemporary creatives who draw influence from the Great Plains.

Hidden Gems and Lesser-Known Landmarks

Omaha harbors many hidden treasures and obscure landmarks if you yearn for an untrodden adventure. 

Prairie Queen Recreation Area

Prairie Queen Recreation Area provides a refuge from urbanity.

Florence Mill

The renovated 19th-century mill now operating as a cultural hub, these concealed marvels are the ideal way to immerse in a distinctive facet of Omaha.

Lauritzen Gardens

A floral haven ensconced in the city center of Omaha, exhibiting a rich array of botanical specimens from diverse global regions.

Gene Leahy Mall

A verdant urban oasis in the bustling downtown of Omaha, this park boasts picturesque promenades, sparkling fountains, and a parade of public art displays.

Cecilia Cathedral

A hallowed house of worship with radiant panes of tinted glass and elaborate ornamentation.

Boys Town

A former abode of the renowned Boys Town organization, a district steeped in history and famous for providing refuge and support to adolescents in peril.

Notable Sites, Stories, and People

Omaha, Nebraska, boasts a rich and intriguing chronicle dating back to eras immemorial. Its legacy encompasses Indigenous American origins and its significant role in the annals of the American nation, presenting a plethora of fascinating subjects to uncover and examine. In this treatise, we shall delve into the city’s rich history and emphasize some of its most prominent locations, narratives, and influential figures.

Historical Sites and Monuments

Omaha, Nebraska, is steeped in a rich tapestry of bygone eras and cultural heritage, showcased through its numerous historical landmarks and edifices. 

Fort Omaha Historical District

A former fortification that had a notable impact on the wars with Indigenous peoples and the colonization of the western frontiers.

General Dodge House

A storied abode, erected in the 1880s, housed General Grenville M. Dodge, a veteran of the Civil War and a notable figure in the colonization of the American Frontier.

General Crook House Museum

A memorial honoring the legacy of a legendary military strategist, General Cook.

Interesting Stories and Fun Facts

Omaha’s storied past is marked by its monuments, historical sites, and intriguing tales of its people and places. From its bygone era of jazz prominence in the roaring twenties and thirties to its pivotal role in the westward migration of pioneers in the 19th century, Omaha is a metropolis steeped in rich and lively heritage.

Native American Roots

Omaha takes great pride in its indigenous heritage, having served as the dwelling place of the Omaha Tribe for generations. Prospective tourists can delve into the rich culture and history of the tribe at the Durham Museum’s Native American Map display or at the Missouri National Recreational River run by the National Park Service, which affords a unique look into the daily life of the Omaha Tribe.

Mysterious Legends, Ghost Stories, and Unsolved Mysteries

Omaha, Nebraska, is an ideal locale for those seeking a mysterious and enigmatic journey. Its perplexing legends, ghostly anecdotes, and unresolved enigmas are guaranteed to fascinate and mystify.

Mysterious Legends and Ghost Stories

Omaha is a city steeped in enigmatic folklore and ghostly tales, many of which have been perpetuated through the ages. From the spectral presence said to reside within the exquisite Hot Shops Art Center to the eerie narratives that surround the aging Gifford Farm, there is no shortage of hair-raising stories to be uncovered within the city limits.

Unsolved Mysteries and Intriguing Local Folklore

Omaha boasts an array of unsolved enigmas and alluring legends that form an essential aspect of its cultural inheritance. The conundrum of the “Black Dahlia Avenger” is one of the city’s most famous enigmatic cases. At the same time, the mythos of the “White Buffalo” holds a special place in Omaha’s folklore.

Flavors of Omaha, Nebraska

Regarding delectable fare, Omaha, Nebraska, caters to all gourmets. This metropolis will entice your gustatory senses, be it conventional regional dishes or eclectic culinary adventures. Here’s a comprehensive guide to savoring in Omaha.

Local Cuisine

Omaha is a hub for gastronomic delights embodying the essence of Midwestern cuisine. It is known for its sustenance-packed dishes, such as succulent steaks paired with robust potatoes, golden corn on the cob, and artisanal loaves of bread. The city boasts a thriving food industry. Several restaurants strongly adhere to the traditional Nebraska cuisine, such as the well-favored chain, Runza, serving up freshly-baked, warm Runza sandwiches.

Unique Dining Experiences

For those searching for peculiar dining experiences, Omaha boasts an ample supply of unique eateries. The city abounds with intriguing dining locales, from al fresco mobile gastronomic gatherings to sophisticated rooftop eateries.

Local Restaurants

  • Le Bouillon
  • Block 16
  • The Boiler Room
  • Kitchen Table
  • Johnny’s Cafe
  • The Grey Plume
  • V. Mertz
  • Dante Ristorante Pizzeria
  • La Buvette
  • Pitch Pizzeria
  • The Drover
  • Block and Barrel
  • Citizen Kane’s Steakhouse
  • Stirnella Bar & Kitchen
  • Leadbelly

Must-Try Food Items

Runza Sandwich

A sought-after cuisine comprising savory beef, pungent onions, and aromatic spices enveloped in a plush, yeast-leavened roll.


A saccharine libation is indigenous to Omaha and renowned in Midwestern gastronomy.


Omaha is renowned for its palatable cuts of beef, delightfully presented at numerous of the municipality’s premier eateries.

Popcorn Balls

A saccharine and crispy confection made with puffed maize, sweetness, and nectar is ubiquitous in Omaha’s autumnal galas.

Fried Bologna Sandwich

A gustatory delight of the Midwestern region, the hearty and succulent “bologna sandwich” is created by pan-frying slices of bologna and nestling them between two pieces of soft white bread.

Kettle Corn

A confectionery delight consisted of puffed maize, saccharine, and lubricant, a prevalent indulgence at Omaha’s al fresco galas and fetes.

Reuben Sandwich

A delicacy consisting of brined beef, fermented cabbage, dairy from Switzerland, and a creamy dressing served on a loaf of rye.

Rhinelander Beer

A signature suds, hailing from Omaha, renowned for its velvety, bitter-sweet bouquet.

Cherry Cokes

A fizzy libation, redolent with cherry syrup that is a much-loved potable amongst Omaha’s eateries and roadhouses.

Kettle Cooked Chips

A crisply textured wafer of a gastronomic persuasion, with a singular gustatory tang, that is highly esteemed by denizens of Omaha.

Famous and Influential People related to Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha boasts a rich history of influential personalities, from politics to cultural luminaries. This city has been the birthplace of numerous illustrious individuals who have made lasting contributions. Let us delve into some of the most recognizable figures associated with Omaha.

Notable Residents

Omaha boasts a rich tapestry of luminaries, comprising celebrities such as actress Gabrielle Union, former Senator Bob Kerrey, and writer-producer David Koepp. These illustrious figures have significantly impacted the city, leaving a lasting legacy of distinction in Omaha’s cultural heritage.

Famous Politicians and Historical Figures

Furthermore, Omaha boasts several illustrious political figures, such as former United States Senator Chuck Hagel and ex-United States Representative Hal Daub. It has also served as the birthplace of prominent historical personages. William Jennings Bryan is a particularly consequential politician of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Influential Personalities and Cultural Figures

Omaha boasts a rich cultural heritage nurtured by many prominent figures hailing from the city, such as jazz virtuoso Buddy Miles and sports orator Bob Feller. These notables have indelibly marked the city with their impact, and their annals endure, enlivening Omaha’s cultural richness.

Accommodation and Travel Tips

To fully immerse yourself in Omaha’s rich history, cultural offerings, and diverse experiences, it’s crucial to have a meticulously crafted itinerary that encompasses both lodgings and conveyance. In this compendium, we’ll impart all the essential knowledge required to optimize your sojourn in Omaha, whether for a long weekend or an entire week.

Recommended Hotels and Accommodations

When it comes to lodgings, Omaha has a multitude of various abodes to offer visitors of all financial means and inclinations. From lavish hotels and vacation spots to cost-effective choices, travelers can be assured of discovering lodgings that align with their necessities. For those seeking opulence, the Hilton Omaha and the Embassy Suites by Hilton Omaha are sterling choices. At the same time, those on a tight budget can opt for the Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham or the Baymont by Wyndham Omaha.

How to Get Around in Omaha

In Omaha, traversing the city is manageable as its dimensions are moderately expansive. One can opt to wander on foot or drive if they possess a vehicle; however, if those options are not feasible, public transportation, such as the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (MATA), or ride-sharing services and taxis, are readily available. MATA offers multiple bus and trolley services to popular destinations. Renting a car is also possible, with several car rental companies at Eppley Airfield.

Travel Tips and Recommendations

While visiting Omaha, making provisions for the varying weather conditions is crucial. The metropolis undergoes scorching summers and freezing winters, thus necessitating appropriate sartorial selections. If your visit coincides with the summer season, include sunblock, shades, and headwear in your luggage. Conversely, pack a substantial overcoat, headgear, and mittens during wintertime. As for sustenance, indulge in the city’s renowned steaks and other regional delicacies. And to make the most of your trip, consider employing the services of a local escort who can take you on tour and offer indispensable advice.


In Omaha, Nebraska, opportunities abound for diverse discovery, whether through renowned or lesser-known sights. This metropolis is replete with cultural touchstones, such as the Old Market and the Joslyn Art Museum, as well as historical monuments like Pioneer Courage Park and the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, which allow visitors to delve into the city’s abundant heritage and past.

Gourmands will relish Omaha’s unparalleled culinary encounters and indigenous fare. At the same time, those searching for an air of enigma can delve into the city’s shrouded legends, unresolved mysteries, and intriguing folklore. Accommodation is plentiful, including opulent hotels and resorts and wallet-friendly alternatives to accommodate every traveler’s comfort. Navigating the city is also convenient, with multiple means of transportation, including public transit, ride-sharing, and car rentals, available at one’s disposal.

Omaha is a city that caters to every proclivity, making it a premier destination for those seeking history, culture, gastronomy, and merriment. So if you’re eager for a remarkable adventure in this effervescent city, plan your Omaha excursion now!