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Top 19 Places to Visit in Kansas

  1. The Flint Hills – a scenic area located in the eastern part of Kansas, boasting some of the world’s few remaining tallgrass prairies and abundant wildlife. Keep an eye out for the bison grazing and the tallgrass waving in the wind.
  2. The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve – a preserve located in Chase County, Kansas, offering visitors the chance to hike through the tallgrass prairie, spot some wildflowers, and see bison up close. It’s a wild adventure on the prairie.
  3. The Konza Prairie Biological Station – a research station and nature preserve located in Manhattan, Kansas, showcasing the beauty of the tallgrass prairie and the diversity of wildlife that calls it home. A must-visit for nature enthusiasts and researchers alike.
  4. Kansas City – the largest city in Kansas, situated in the northwest corner of the state. It’s famous for its soulful jazz music, finger-licking barbecue, and winning sports teams. Come for the food, stay for the culture.
  5. Wichita – a city located in the southern part of Kansas, offering a variety of museums, cultural attractions, and outdoor recreation. Explore the city’s history, take in a show or two, and soak up the natural beauty that surrounds it.
  6. Topeka – the state capital of Kansas, located in the northeastern part of the state. History buffs will enjoy visiting its many historic sites and museums, while culture vultures will find plenty of entertainment options to keep them busy.
  7. The Great Bend – a city located in the central part of Kansas, known for its rich history and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Don’t miss the Kansas Wetlands Education Center, where you can learn about the importance of wetlands and the wildlife that inhabits them.
  8. Abilene – a city located in the central part of Kansas, home to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. History comes alive in this charming city, where visitors can learn about the life and legacy of the 34th President of the United States.
  9. Lawrence – a city located in the northeastern part of Kansas, known for its vibrant downtown and cultural scene, as well as the University of Kansas. From live music to thought-provoking art exhibitions, there’s always something happening in Lawrence.
  10. The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center – a museum located in Hutchinson, Kansas, dedicated to the history of space exploration. Discover the fascinating world of space and marvel at the incredible artifacts on display. It’s a cosmic adventure not to be missed.
  11. The Fort Larned National Historic Site: A Place for Cowboy Fanatics Located in Larned, Kansas, this site is dedicated to the history of the American West. So, saddle up, cowboys and cowgirls, and take a trip back in time to learn about the frontier and Fort Larned’s role in the action.
  12. The Kansas Underground Salt Museum: A Place to Get Salty In Hutchinson, Kansas, this museum is dedicated to the history of salt mining. If you’re a fan of sodium chloride, you’ll be in your element here. Explore the history of the industry and see some salt-tastic artifacts.
  13. The Sedgwick County Zoo: A Place for Animal Lovers Located in Wichita, Kansas, this zoo has a wide variety of animals and exhibits. Get ready to see creatures from all over the world and learn about their habitats and behaviours. Bring your binoculars, and let’s go on a wild adventure!
  14. The C.W. Parker Carousel Museum: A Place to Get Carried Away In Leavenworth, Kansas, this museum is dedicated to the history of carousels. Take a spin down memory lane and learn about the art of carousels. You’ll see a collection of carousel animals and artifacts that will leave you feeling like a kid again.
  15. The Kansas Aviation Museum: A Place for High Flyers Located in Wichita, Kansas, this museum is dedicated to the history of aviation in the state. Come soar with us as we explore the skies and learn about the history of aircraft and the brave pilots who flew them.
  16. The Botanica, The Wichita Gardens: A Place to Smell the Roses In Wichita, Kansas, this botanical garden has a wide variety of plants and outdoor activities. Take a stroll through the garden and learn about different plant species and their role in the ecosystem. And, of course, stop to smell the roses.
  17. The Kansas Museum of History: A Place for History Buffs Located in Topeka, Kansas, this museum has exhibits about the state’s history and culture. Come learn about Kansas’s rich history and see a collection of fascinating artifacts and exhibits that will transport you back in time.
  18. The Kansas State Capitol: A Place for Architectural Admirers Located in Topeka, Kansas, this historic building is a marvel of architecture. Take a tour of the building and learn about the state’s government and history. And don’t forget to snap a selfie in front of the impressive dome.
  19. The Kansas Speedway: A Place for Speed Demons Located in Kansas City, Kansas, this race track hosts the NASCAR Cup Series and the NASCAR Xfinity Series. If you’re a fan of high-octane excitement and fast cars, this is the place for you. Come on down, and let’s rev up the engines!