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Visit Middletown, Delaware

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The Magic of Middletown: A Town of Charm and Character

Are you in search of a delightful holiday experience? Look no further than Middletown, Delaware. This charming town has much to offer, with many family-friendly activities. This travel guide will explore the many attractions and provide tips to ensure a memorable journey.


Welcome to the charming town of Middletown, Delaware, 22 miles southwest of Wilmington. This burgeoning city boasts a plethora of exciting sights and activities that cater to all interests.

The Everett Theatre is a must-visit destination for those interested in the performing arts. Take in a play or event and experience the vibrant cultural scene. Alternatively, those seeking to explore the great outdoors will relish a visit to Silver Lake Park or Charles E. Price Memorial Park, where one can partake in various recreational activities.

Tourists may also take a leisurely stroll around the quaint old village of Odessa or cool down at Camp Adventureland. Be sure to stop by Miller’s Country Kitchen for some hearty cuisine that will satiate any appetite.

For those seeking to expand their knowledge, the Delaware Art Museum and Appoquinimink School District offer educational opportunities and art galleries that are not to be missed.

Overview of Middletown, Delaware

Middletown, in the state of Delaware, is a renowned town in the United States. It is one of the most significant areas to reside in New Castle County, providing its inhabitants with a tranquil suburban atmosphere and most owned houses. Over the last decade, this neighborhood has experienced tremendous growth. It has rapidly emerged as a hub for exceptional cuisine, entertainment, leisure, and other amenities. Odessa, a nearby area, offers something for everyone with its unique eateries, Silver Lake Park, Levels Road Dog Park, Charles E. Price Memorial Park, Historic Odessa, Camp Adventureland, Everett Theatre, and Miller’s Country Kitchen. Moreover, art enthusiasts can explore museums, galleries, and educational institutions like the Delaware Art Museum and the Appoquinimink School District. Visiting or residing in Middletown is indeed an exciting experience.

Explore Silver Lake Park

Indulge in the splendor of Middletown, Delaware, by exploring the tranquil and attractive Silver Lake Park. This scenic property boasts a complete jogging track, swimming pool, tennis courts, and three softball fields, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. A bike path connecting to several local trails is also available, allowing visitors to enjoy the stunning views and stay fit on a one-mile circular route close to Middletown.

It is worth noting that Silver Lake Park offers discounts, so make sure to peruse the reviews and pictures before embarking on your adventure. Moreover, while there, remember to swing by the renowned New Metro Steak & Seafood restaurant for their famed 40-ounce bone-in dish. Regardless of your itinerary, Silver Lake Park promises to make your day in Middletown unforgettable.

Have Fun at Levels Road Dog Park

For those venturing to Middletown, Delaware, an excursion to Levels Road Dog Park offers a delightful opportunity for outdoor recreation following a visit to Silver Lake Park. This contemporary canine sanctuary, encompassed by picturesque countryside, features distinct areas catering to large and small breeds. Pooch proprietors and their furry companions can frolic and gambol in the sun-splashed surroundings, affording ample green spaces for playful endeavors. Furthermore, the park’s paved walkways invite leisurely ambles amidst the idyllic setting. Venture to Levels Road Dog Park with your beloved pup for an experience brimming with joy and merriment.

Relax at Charles E. Price Memorial Park

Many tranquil locations await those searching for respite in the verdant landscape of Middletown, Delaware. The Charles E. Price Memorial Park stands out as a particularly picturesque option. Spanning a vast expanse of one hundred acres, this idyllic retreat boasts many amenities designed to soothe the soul.

For those traveling with canine companions, the park’s two enclosed dog areas offer ample opportunity for your furry friend to stretch their legs and enjoy the great outdoors. The larger two enclosures provide an expansive five-acre playground for giant breeds. At the same time, the smaller area caters to smaller dogs. In addition to these dedicated dog parks, visitors may take in the serene beauty of the park’s paved walking paths, meander around the eight-acre pond, or try fishing from the pier.

Take a Tour of Historic Odessa

A journey to the historic town of Odessa in Middletown, Delaware, promises to provide visitors with a remarkable and enlightening experience. Designated as a National Historic Landmark and a Network to Freedom site, this locale showcases interiors and furnishings crafted by renowned cabinetmakers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Guided tours are available from March to December, Tuesday through Saturday, between 10 o’clock in the morning and 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Uncovering the hidden treasures within this site will enable one to discover the Corbit-Sharp House, marvel at the ancient townscape, and acquire a deeper appreciation of the rich heritage of Delaware. A voyage through Historic Odessa guarantees a delightful and rewarding experience for all.

Experience Camp Adventureland

Indulge in an extraordinary amalgamation of escape rooms and axe throwing at the exquisite Camp Adventureland in the charming town of Middletown, Delaware! Immerse yourself in an exciting environment and participate in games such as hatchet throwing and bespoke escape rooms, all set against the backdrop of the sprawling campsite. With over 12,000 square feet of space, there’s something for all ages and interests. Take advantage of the opportunity to create unforgettable memories at Camp Adventureland – book your adventure online now!

Overview of Camp Adventureland

Nestled in Middletown, Delaware, lies the coveted Camp Adventureland, a destination primed for an unforgettable escapade. Its eclectic array of activities, from axe throwing to escape rooms, ensures visitors are in for an extraordinary experience. Imbibers are also welcome to bring their own libations and indulge in craft beers. This camping retreat caters to all age groups, whether family outings or corporate team-building events. Come and embark on your journey by strolling through the camping arch!

Frog Hollow Golf Club

Irrespective of one’s level of expertise, the Frog Hollow Golf Club is a delightful destination for indulging in a game of golf. The club is situated near the city and boasts a stunning backdrop for a great round. The fairways are meticulously maintained, and the courses adorn a lush green expanse. The expenses are reasonable, and the club’s personnel are cordial and helpful. Thus, Frog Hollow emerges as an idyllic retreat to unwind while relishing a challenging game of golf.

Moreover, Frog Hollow presents many challenges for golf enthusiasts pursuing a demanding experience. The course is designed to offer an enjoyable game while testing one’s skills. The fairways provide ample space, rendering them forgiving for misdirected shots, and the greens are impeccably tended to. The course boasts several tee boxes per hole, enabling one to tailor their game as per their expertise.

The instructional facility at Frog Hollow is exceptional for novices in the sport. The venue is a great platform to acquaint oneself with the game’s regulations, enhance their swing, and sharpen their abilities. The faculty is well-informed and welcoming, assiduously guiding one to augment their game. They offer courses, clinics, and camps to aid one’s progress. The clubhouse exudes warmth and friendliness, serving as an ideal spot to relax and unwind with a refreshing drink post a game of golf. The pro shop is well-stocked, proffering a broad selection of the latest golf accessories and equipment. Finally, the restaurant provides an excellent culinary experience, rendering Frog Hollow an all-inclusive destination for an unforgettable golfing escapade.

Enjoy a Show at the Everett Theatre

Middletown, situated in Delaware, provides the perfect setting to experience a theatrical performance. The city offers an alluring and distinctive destination, enriched by the presence of the historic Everett Theatre. Since its inception in 1914, this theatre, designed by renowned architects Hoffman-Henon Co., has showcased some of the most brilliant talents of the region for over a century. The Everett Theatre presents various shows, ranging from comedic plays to classic musicals. Whether you seek amusement in the form of You’ve Been Magished Comedy & Magic or wish to indulge in their Ultimate Neil Diamond Tribute Show, this beloved venue in Middletown is guaranteed to cater to your preferences. Owing to its rich history and enchanting ambiance, a cabaret performance at this delightful intimate theatre is a must-have experience. Thus, a visit to Middletown, Delaware, would only be complete with taking advantage of the vibrant cultural scene, especially a show at the Everett Theatre.

Shows and Events at the Everett Theatre

Numerous theatrical productions, musicals, and motion pictures are showcased at the Everett Theatre in Middletown, Delaware. Embarking to this esteemed venue over the weekend shall prove a thrilling and refreshing experience.

This illustrious establishment has previously been displayed at various national locations, including comedy clubs and theatres. Attendees are urged to seize the opportunity to attend this one-of-a-kind presentation, as only a limited number of performances remain.

The Everett Theatre has previously hosted renowned shows, such as the James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim adaptation of “Into the Woods,” alongside other notable stage productions and motion pictures. Moreover, the Everett Theatre offers a monthly movie night, children’s shows, workshops, and courses in addition to the impressive line-up of performances. Therefore, there is an abundance of options to cater to everyone’s entertainment preferences.

Taste the Homestyle Cooking of Miller’s Country Kitchen

Travelers visiting Middletown, Delaware, can relish the delightful home-style cuisine at Miller’s Country Kitchen. Situated at 701 N Broad St., this eatery is operational between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. It serves mouth-watering Southern Comfort Foods, such as burgers, soups, and salads. Miller’s Country Kitchen offers an array of delicious meals at reasonable prices, complemented by their helpful staff. Whether one desires a takeout option or a cozy dining atmosphere, Miller’s Country Kitchen caters to all preferences. A visit to this eatery is highly recommended, especially after exploring the nearby Silver Lake Park, Levels Road Dog Park, Charles E. Price Memorial Park, or the historic Odessa. A delightful lunch at Miller’s Country Kitchen will elevate one’s experience in Middletown, Delaware.

Visit Art Galleries and Schools

There exist several exceptional art schools and galleries within Middletown, Delaware, each possessing a unique view of the art world. Within the region, the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington and the illustrious Everett Theatre are merely two of the many destinations where tourists can delve into an array of art styles. The Appoquinimink School District also provides instruction across diverse study areas, allowing students to take part in off-site excursions and collaborate with fellow creatives.

The Carla Massoni Gallery and Your Creation Station exhibit exquisite pieces crafted by local artists, providing superb avenues for those wanting to learn more about the region’s art scene. Mitchell’s Unique Expressions and Artists’ Gallery offer visitors a chance to procure unique and fascinating mementos. Whether seeking a workshop or performance, those captivated by the arts can find something of interest in Middletown.

Delaware Art Museum

The Delaware Art Museum, situated in Middletown, Delaware, is a superb destination for art enthusiasts. This museum, located in Wilmington, offers visitors an opportunity to peruse newly renovated art galleries, an expansive sculpture park and maze, and an array of awe-inspiring special exhibitions. All galleries and unique displays are accessible with the purchase of admission, making it a fun, family-friendly activity.

At the museum, visitors will be able to view original masterpieces, as well as works created by local artists such as Evie Baskin. The Delaware Art Museum is a remarkable place to appreciate art in Middletown due to its comprehensive listings, including informative photographs, maps, and reviews.

Appoquinimink School District

The Appoquinimink School District offers an exceptional opportunity to discover and appreciate Delaware’s outstanding educational system. Middletown High School, one of the district’s 13 leading academic institutions, received returning students with open arms as principal Matt Burrows and governor Jack Markell extended their warm greetings. The locality also commemorates Black History Month and is home to the highly regarded Everett Theatre, hosting various performances and activities suitable for individuals of all ages. Rest assured, a visit to Middletown, Delaware, and the Appoquinimink School District, recognized as one of America’s Best Communities for Music Education, is sure to be a remarkable experience.

Dutch Country Farmers Market

If you’re a local-sourced food fan, a trip to the Dutch Country Farmers Market in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, should be on your list. This market is a true gem, offering an array of fresh fruit, meats, cheeses, and specialty items from local farmers. Whether you’re seeking a particular type of product or simply looking to explore the possibilities, the Dutch Country Farmers Market is sure to delight your senses with its year-round bounty.

One of the country’s most notable farmers’ markets, the Dutch Country Farmers Market boasts an impressive selection of eggs, cheeses, meats, baked goods, and, of course, the freshest local fruits and vegetables. In addition to its wide variety of produce, the market also offers a selection of prepared items, including soups, sandwiches, salads, and grilled fish, steak, and chicken.

But food isn’t the only thing you’ll find at the Dutch Country Farmers Market. The market also offers various goods, such as ceramics, jewelry, and other handmade items, including locally crafted blankets, carpets, and other handcrafted items. The market is also lively for an afternoon, with live music, kid-friendly activities, and special events like wine tastings and culinary lessons.

Best time to visit Middletown, Delaware

Middletown, Delaware, is an idyllic destination for summer outdoor pursuits. Spanning from June to September, the season provides ample opportunities for recreation in balmy and sunny weather. In June and May, visitors can relish in the picturesque landscapes of Silver Lake Park or catch a live performance at the revered Everett Theatre in Middletown. August is also an excellent choice, with temperatures ranging from 19 to 29 degrees Celsius and a lower humidity level. It is advisable to pack light attire and comfortable footwear, along with liberal applications of sunscreen throughout the day. Boasting favorable weather conditions and many activities, Middletown is an optimal location for a summer vacation.

Middletown, Delaware, presents a splendid prospect for a family getaway. This charming locality boasts an array of captivating activities to keep the entire family entertained. Visitors can indulge in various outdoor pursuits, such as exploring Silver Lake Park and Charles E. Price Memorial Park, admiring the wonders of Historic Odessa, or venturing to Camp Adventureland. Art connoisseurs will appreciate the offerings of the Delaware Art Museum and the Appoquinimink School District, which provide exhibitions and events that are sure to enlighten. Additionally, the Everett Theatre presents various performances and activities that will captivate and entertain all ages. Whether your interests lie in the great outdoors or the arts, Middletown, Delaware, offers something for everyone.