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Visit Pismo Beach, California

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Discover the Top Pismo Beach Activities for an Unforgettable Vacation

Experience the Best Pismo Beach Activities

Pismo Beach, California, is a stunning coastal town that offers various activities for visitors of all ages. From surfing to horseback riding, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ll look at the top Pismo Beach activities you want to attend during your visit.

1. Surfing

Surfers have enjoyed riding the waves in and around Pismo Beach since the middle of the 20th century. In fact, the “SLO CAL Open,” a qualifying event for the World Surf League, is held in Pismo Beach on the south side of the pier over the last weekend of January when the surf is at its best. The waves in Pismo are intermediate between Avila Beach and Oceano regarding skill levels. Beginners can learn to surf in Avila Beach, which is to the north, where the surge is often tiny, soft, and rip-free. Surfers with more experience adore the miles-long stretch of empty beach breakers in Oceano to the south.

2. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is permitted on Pismo Beach’s fine sand and across the magnificent Oceano Dunes, making it a must-do excursion. Tell your horseback riding guide what level of experience you have, as some trail rides call for more seasoned horsemanship. Children frequently need to wear helmets.

Since there are paths and tours to fit all levels of experience, horseback riders of all abilities may saddle up and take in the beauty of horseback riding in Pismo Beach. Aspiring cowgirls and cowboys may interact with real horse wranglers and ranchers on riding trips. Multigenerational families can make priceless memories while riding together in the great outdoors. All ages and interests are in for a good time.

3. Wine Tasting

Pismo Beach is ideal for enjoying wine and waves in a welcoming ambience. You can easily access stunning beaches and a taste of California’s wine region with coastal resorts and unique restaurants. The ancient winemaking districts of Edna Valley, Arroyo Grande, and Avila Valley, located just 30 minutes outside downtown Pismo Beach and the nearby attractions, allow visitors to learn about the local culture and discover new grape varieties. Some of California’s most renowned winemakers provide a novel viewpoint on artisanal winemaking in our wine region. Furthermore, Pismo Beach restaurants offer regionally inspired cuisine that is farmed and produced nearby to go nicely with their large wine lists and cellar selections.

4. Pismo Pier

Pismo Pier is a popular magnet in Pismo Beach, California. The pier offers stunning bank views, stretching over 800 bases into the Pacific Ocean. It provides an excellent spot for fishing, sightseeing, and taking in the ocean breath. It’s also a popular spot for shutterbugs, as the evenings over the ocean can produce breathtakingly beautiful scenes. Callers can enjoy dining at the cafes on the pier or simply tromping along the rustic planks to enjoy the views.

5. Off-Roading

The 3,600-acre off-road area of Oceano Dunes is one of California’s most well-known and distinctive state parks. One of the top attractions for tourists from throughout the United States is the 1,500 acres of sand dunes and the five and a half miles of beach that are accessible by motor car and are only minutes from Pismo Sands Beach Club. Oceano Dunes is the only California State Park where cars are allowed on the beach. On the part of the beach to the north, passenger cars can readily travel. Four-wheel drive vehicles are advised to reach the park’s camping and off-road vehicle use zones. At the Grand Avenue and Pier beach gates, beach wheelchairs are for loan.

6. Shopping and Dining

There is no better place to shop by the ocean than Pismo Beach. A magnificent beachfront location, anchored by the town’s historic pier, is home to welcoming, charming shops that sell arts and crafts, sea sports gear and equipment, and casual California surf apparel. Thanks to the area’s numerous speciality retailers, there are more than enough options to satiate any shopper’s tastes and joys.

Over 40 upscale retail stores may be found at Pismo Beach Premium Outlets. Visit the Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce for a detailed shopping guide.

Pismo Beach’s restaurants satiate a wide range of gastronomic appetites, including those of the picky foodie, from family-style eating to an unusual food experience. Many Pismo Beach restaurants provide affordable, informal California cuisine and coastal seafood delicacies. Numerous Pismo Beach eateries offer outdoor seating. There are other dining establishments with stunning ocean views as well. Our outstanding chefs create locally sourced, wine country-inspired cuisine that pairs nicely with their vast wine lists and cellar holdings. It can only lead to unlimited, delectable alternatives and choices in Pismo Beach, where the seas meet Central California agriculture.

7. Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area

According to scientists, environmentalists, government organisations, and the general population, the Oceano Sand Dunes are California’s best and most significant remaining coastal dunes. The sand dunes are a breathtaking sight to see. You can go hiking, surfing, paragliding, fishing, clam digging, riding horses, renting ATVs, and more! Wildlife from many species can be seen in this unusual recreation location. Visit the Oceano Dunes Visitor Center for interactive displays about regional plant and animal life, Pismo clams, off-road vehicles, and the Dunites, a distinct Chumash tribe. Visit the inhabitants of the freshwater lagoon behind the centre. Always “know before you go,” as the saying goes.


In conclusion, Pismo Beach is a fantastic destination that offers many activities for visitors of all ages. From surfing and horseback riding to wine tasting and off-roading, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful coastal town. So, pack your bags and head to Pismo Beach for an unforgettable vacation experience.