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Best Guided Tours in Cork, Ireland

Best Guided Tours in Cork

  1. Private Cork City Tour, Kinsale and Jameson Distillery

    You'll begin your journey at Kinsale, Ireland's most famous fishing town and an ancient port. On our way back to Kinsale, we stop at Charles Fort, a clifftop fort overlooking Kinsale Harbor. Kinsale is next on our itinerary. In Kinsale, there are numerous taverns, restaurants, and cafes where you may enjoy a drink or two. Afterwards, we'll head back to Cork. Cork is the Republic of Ireland's second-largest city, behind Dublin. If you're looking for something to do, you won't be disappointed. The English Market, one of the world's oldest municipal markets, will be on our itinerary. St. Anne's Cathedral, noted for the Shandon Bells tower; St. Patrick's Area, the city's major retail street; the Victorian Quarter, the home of Annie Moore, Ellis Island's first immigrant; the Huguenot Cemetery; and Elizabeth Fort are just a few of the city's notable attractions. The Cathedral of Saint Fin Barre is a short stop, so be sure to bring your camera!

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What are guided tours?

Guided tours are all generally all-inclusive group travel experiences led by a local travel guide and following a fixed itinerary for a specific tourist attractive or local activity. Many sightseeing guided tours, skip-the-line tickets for major travel attractions, group day/night tours, food tastings, wine tastings, and even airport transfers.

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